Meteorological Data Acquisition Sonde System

MDASS (Meteorological Data Acquisition Sonde System) is a compact set of sensors that collects meteorological data necessary for weather observation. The system must be able to accurately and precisely collect the same data that is collected on systems such as Mesonet, weather balloons and Doppler radar and provide in situ measurements during its operation. The dropsonde deployment system within MARIA dictated the size and weight requirement of MDASS. In order for MDASS to be deployed from MARIA and have a relatively consitant descent rate, the sensory set needed to be heavy enough to guide the parachute downwards while being light enough for the aircraft to carry up to 12 systems. A maximum length of 230 mm and diameter of 40 mm would need to be adhered to for the deployment mechanism to fit each system. The battery life should be able to sustain the sensors for at least two hours so that pre-tornadic flight campaigns would not be limited by MDASS capabilities.